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Thanks Darren.


Purely based on the rules, Optuma64bit/Market Analyst is not signalling all the possible buy signals that are valid.

Green is missed buy signals & red is missed sell signals.

I am obviously using a small sample of data here but I need to use this on a large scale scan of the top 100 stocks on a weekly basis.

Also I have not had any luck using the NoRepeat function on this script. Essentially I just want it to ‘ShowBar’ the latest signal once activated.

That is, show bar only once for each buy / sell signal. This way If pyramiding is activated the stock is not being bought 4 times in a month due to the show bar being displayed multiple times and the script being activated.


Furthermore, I know that we are using the GannSwing function. However I would like to get the script to work for both gann rules and also DOW theory rules. Is the gannswing script function suitable?

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