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Hi Darren, thanks for the reply but I am seeking your assitance for identification of swing ends.  I have attached a picture of swing patternwhich is very similar to the one used in the video.  NOw at the dotted line when it crosses swing end B, it effectively confirms swing end A as being a ‘swing end’.  So I am not sure when it references whether it references the swing A or is looking back.  I am not chasing the formulae becasue I can work out various parts of that but so that I can be sure of what it is referencing, can you assist with referencing.  So as in the picture I want to buy when high() crossesabove B and I want A to be a higher swing bottom than C, so as per the picture and using the identification of e1 = SWINGEND(g1); can you tell me what swing would be the equivalet references to the letters.  In other words which letter would be g1, g1[1], g1[2] etc.   I am assuming also that g1[2] for example is the same as gannswingend offset 2


thanksswing ends

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