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Hi Marcus,

Unfortunately not. I would not expect it in 2018 as our development schedule is very long and these are not simple items to achieve. We have 4 developers working on Optuma and our other projects. As part of the process, we are constantly assessing projects and shuffling the schedule based on priorities.

Every request gets assessed on three main criteria:

  1. How easy is it to implement
  2. How many clients have requested it
  3. Will it help us sell more Optuma

eg something that is a 5min task will get done if only one person asked for it. But a month long project would need many people requesting it and would need to be assessed in terms of the opportunity cost by us delaying other projects.

In this case, these are not massively hard, but also not simple to implement – No one else has requested the feature – While it will make layer organization simpler, it will not be a key reason that someone buys Optuma. So this idea is not hitting any of the metrics that would leap-frog it to the front of the queue.

I really like the idea, and would love to put it in, but I also have to make sure that we are focused on the developments that will sustain the company for the long term. It’s on the list but it is impossible for me to give an ETA on it.

All the best


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