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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your post. What has happened is that the low of the day was actually recorded as 25.485. We can see that by pushing the decimal places (by right clicking on the price scale) to 3 decimal places. I added a Bar Label in this image to show it.


When we display the chart, the prices are rounded to 2 decimal places (I did not think a half cent trade was possible on a $25 stock, but it may be some dividend etc). Point is that the rounding pushes the low up to 25.49 but it also pushes the range up to 0.52.

Once you put in the adjustment into your excel for the low, you will see that the error disappears. There is still a small rounding issue in the final computation, but at $0.0005, slippage will be more of a problem when executing.


Hope that helps


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