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Trevor R
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Hi David,

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve been doing a lot of pattern evaluation, more than 80 patterns thus far. Most of those have now been complied into a report I’ve posted on my Auld Tyma Data web site that you can find under Reports & Tools > Market Analysis Reports >> “Chart Pattern Evaluation Reports”grin  Most of those patterns are fairly “simple” ones, including Double Tops/Bottoms Daily and Weekly with both 0.5% and 1% Lower/Higher 2nd Tops/Bottoms. I’m now trying to work out how to make some of the more complex patterns I’m interested in work within ScriptsPull Hair, but I think this will require some work with Pascal in Optuma, which I also have to come to grips with once I get a basic understanding of Pascal programming itself – another challenging learning curvenerdsmile

I had tried setting Tick Sizes manually in scripts based on market specifications, but that becomes very cumbersome if scanning a number of markets. From other testing I’ve found that the percentage approach was simpler and works fairly well in the markets I’m interested in. I’ve also found using percentage simpler to not only setting the Tick Size, but also the need  to vary what I call the “Stop Offset”, ie the number of Ticks from a Signal to an Entry/Exit point, as I vary the Stop Offset depending on the Market. 

Thanks for the suggestion on determining market Tick Sizes, I’ll certainly give it a try, not so sure it’ll be very easy within a Script thoughcompute Have you done itquestion I’ve previously asked Optuma to make the Tick Size a Script Function as I figure it would be very useful in trading plan and signal testing. 

Back to the Script Manager and Pascal…Pull Hair

cheers (2)


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