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Thanks Darren, that did the trick. Learn something new everyday! After applying the MA on the Force Index, I overlaid Keltner Channels on the Force Index which act similar to what I am after. The formula I used on StockCharts is as attached.

That does lead to one question, is there a way to use similar parameters for Keltner Channels in Optuma as I do in StockCharts? ie. can have 21 for the EMA and 21 for the ATR, and a multiplier of the ATR? Effectively I wish to plot a 20 day EMA with 21 day ATR bands using Keltner channels at 1 x ATR, 2 x ATR and 3 x ATR.

Or does the Bar setting in Optuma Keltner Channels represent the length of the EMA and the time period of the ATR in the one setting?

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