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Hi Colin

The non repeat function will return true when its source returns true, but once set to true it will ignore any other signals from source for up to the number or bars specified. e.g.

x = CLOSE() > OPEN();


If you put this in a showview you will see that once it is triggered it will not trigger again for at least 10 bars.

This is function is covered in the advanced scripting course


The current list of non tool functions is here

This list is continually being updated, and will be updated in the near future with new functions.

The tool programming functionality has much more options to creating custom tools or functions. However it does require basic programming knowledge.

There have been a few issues found with self referencing variables and the fixes are currently being tested in beta.

Can you please send through an example of your script using [] notation and we will see if it is fixed by the recent changes.

see here for info on self referencing variables


I attempted to meet your criteria without self referencing, does this script meet your conditions ?


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