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Trevor R
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Hi Kim,

Glad it is the sort of result you were after. Defining the swing range is easy. What proved very challenging was aggregating the volume from the first bar after the SwingStart Bar (Top or Bottom) and including the SwingEnd Bar (Bottom or Top). I didn’t what to count the bar at the turning point bar twice.

I have noted that my script produces anomalous results when there is:

  • a 1 Bar Counter Trend, eg 1 Up Bar in a string of Down Bars that results in a swing in the Gann Swing Chart, and vice versa in an Up trend, and also
  • at outside bars.

I suspect the issue is that the Gann Swing Starts and Ends get too close together for the TimeSinceSignals to do their magic, but I haven’t dreamt up a fix for that. Fortunately it  probably is not too significant on Daily Bar charts with 1 and 2 Bar Gann Swing Overlay, but become very significant on Weekly Bar Charts where, depending in the market, a large number of 1 Bar Counter Trends may be evident.

As for Optuma Scripting assistance search the Optuma Knowledge Base for all the articles on scripting. If you haven’t worked through them already, I’d strongly suggest you study the Optuma Scripting Courses – they are FREE!



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