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Trevor R
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Hi Mathew and Ryan,

I’m amazed at your comment Mathew that not many Optuma users use Layers. The availability of Layers and their On/Off functionality was one of the main reasons, among others, I dumped an “Xee” and limited functionality competitor and moved to the much more functional Market Analyst, what seems like ages ago. The morph from MA to Optuma and its ongoing functionality development has only improved the application enormously. 

I would hope that those users that don’t use Layers are not adding, then deleting, tools as they wish to change the markup and view when analysing their charts. If that is what they are doing, then they need some encouragement and instruction on the functionality Layers provide. A Blog video on the usefulness of Layers may be timely educator/reminder to those users not familiar with how graphics applications, like Optuma, work.

Naturally I’m supporting Ryan’s suggestions, especially the Grouping of Layers, ie having Layers within Layers.



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