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Hi Trevor,

I agree with you. I think the issue we have is that very few people purchase Optuma because of layers. Mostly that is because they don’t understand them. I also think that in many cases the Layouts features have dealt with the use cases you are mentioning. The great thing about layouts is that it is simple to apply the same set of indicators to different securities and it is smart enough to keep separate sets of position tools (like trend lines and fibonacci etc).

The bottom line always comes down to difficulty and how does it improve the software so that it will lead to more sales (aka getting paid for that development). In this case I can say that layer grouping will not happen. As much as I agree that it would be great, we are still using the same basic infrastructure that I developed in MA3 (2001). To add grouping would be a 4 week job which would impact every area of Optuma since it is in the core of the program. I just do not see that there is viable way that we can do that. Particularly because layouts can have different sets of layers and it is simple to swap between.

While I would love to build in every great idea, Optuma would cease to exist if I did not weigh every idea carefully.

All the best



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