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Thanks for getting back so quickly, really appreciated. I’ve been through all the scripting videos and read through much of the KB; I am excited by the opportunities.

With the scripting tool, there’s just so many similarly named options, it’s difficult to get one’s head around it. A searchable KB would be fantastic – but I know from personal experience that’s not easy to achieve when you’ve started down another path.

Sadly, I haven’t explained my problem well enough. I saw the Optuma “Year High Low Marker” tool and wanted to make more specific use of the calculations behind it.

What I’d like to be able to do is to find the HighestHigh, or LowestLow, for a period that excludes the immediate past. If I could write something like this I’d be able to achieve what I want. 




HH1 < HH2 and HH3 < HH2

Many thanks again,

Steven (with a v) 🙂

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