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Hi Jonathan,

The fastest way to do this in Optuma would be to …

  1. Set up a scan that identifies all codes that have gone up that day.  You would use a simple script to do this like CLOSE() > OPEN()
  2. Export the results to a Watchlist (this will link the WL to the scan so each time it opens it updates automatically).
  3. The Change % column that opens by default in a Watchlist is Close vs previous days close, so remove that and replace it with a custom script column that measures the % gain for the current bar using this:

4. Change the columns properties to display as a %

5. Sort the codes by the newly added column so the largest % gainers are at the top.

End Result looks like this….


(If you have Enterprise services you can also sort the rows in to Bins and show only those in the highest 10%, 20%, of gains etc.)


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