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Hi Jonathan,

Please provide the formula you are using so we can see the problem, but to filter for stocks above eg $1 simply add and CLOSE()>1. If you have ASX Fundamental data on your subscription you can also filter for eg > $25 million market cap using the DATAFIELD() function with market cap:

DATAFIELD(FEED=FD, FIELD=MarketCapitalization, LATESTONLY=True) > 25

And if you want to filter out illiquid stocks include eg VOLUME()>50000 so are those that traded above 50,000 shares are included.

The Change % field is the daily change (on a daily watchlist, or weekly % on a weekly, etc) so if you run the scan and open as a watchlist, add any other columns you want, and sort by Change % and save the workbook. Then when you next open the workbook the scan will automatically run (because it’s linked to the watchlist) and be updated.

If you need more help we’re happy to arrange a consultation session.


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