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Trevor R
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Hi Jonathan,

I’m afraid importing Saxo data into Optuma is not possible at present. I’ve already asked Optuma that question and thus far there hasn’t been sufficient demand for them to add that functionality. Maybe if enough of us Optuma users ask for it then Optuma may be able to put it on their to-Do-List with a  bit higher priority, realising of course that Optuma’s ability to import data requires an agreement, and more than likely MONEY, for the data provider. 

Also as  Saxo user, I’m also disappointed with their move the to web based “SaxoTraderGo” and “SaxoTraderPro”, compared to their previous stand-alone application “SaxoTrader2”, which incidentally had already been crippled by the removal of the Custom Tool functionality when they changed from “Chart” to “New Chart”. I’ve complained directly to Saxo about the backwards moves they are making, in my view, and suggest you do likewise, if you haven’t done so already. Enough squeaks might get the wheel greased and moving in the right direction. Unfortunately many software developers only listen to those screaming for new features, and because they haven’t heard any comment on the many features long time users already love and use, they remove them. I don’t mind features being added, but unless they are irrevocably broken, I definitely don’t like it when features are removed. 




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