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Hi Matthew

Sort of!

In your example, where is the actual entry?  (Let’s call the trigger bar in your chart bar 1, then the next one bar 2 and so on.)

I can see in the backtester how to enter the trade at the open of bar 3, or at the close of bar 2. (Or for that matter the open or close of any bar) What I would like to do however is to enter at the very exact time that bar 2 moves one tick /pip / cent higher than the high of bar 1. (Not wait until the bar closes).

Is this something that the backtester can acheive? I know it’s hard to do if we’re not looking at the chart in real time, however can the backtester look at the bars and go, right – bar 2 has broken the high of bar 1 at some point of that session, let’s attach an entry the high of bar 1 (plus a pip say). This would allow (in my case) a more accurate approximation of my entries.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Steve        

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