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Just letting you know that I spent an hour on this and then the forum logged me out and I lost it all. It was a really good reply but now you’re only going to see my frustrated short response.

Re Tester colours – added to development schedule – no eta

Re Seasonal tests – we have no DayOfWeekNum() function so we’ll add that in. You can do a test from all June 21 by using this script.
DAYNUM() == 21 and MONTHNUM() == 6

Re Hide Indicators at Bottom – Hide the views in the structure panel. See

Re Stops on Rebalance – I see no reason not to have stops. I’ll review when I do the quant lessons on back testing.

Re Intraday. IB still supported but data never as good as a dedicated data provider like IQ Feed or eSignal.

Re Bug – can not repeat – please record a video and send to support (this is not the place to be reporting bugs)

Re sentiment – we can add them but it will take a while as the data team is busy on some major projects. You can download the csv from their website and import as a csv

One request – please do not group requests like this. Keep a thread for a single item as it is easier for us to review and link into projects if it makes sense to add.

All the best


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