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Trevor R
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Hi Shannon,

The swing overlay is a standard Optuma tool: Percent Swing Chart Overlay (PCSC). 

As to the second issue, I suspect that you have done a straight copy from the Forum and paste into the Script Manager. Unfortunately this can introduce hidden characters that interfere with the operation of the script. To avoid this problem when copying scripts  from anywhere it is advisable to first paste the script into a text only editor like Notepad or Notepad++, then do a second copy and paste in the Optuma Manager. That way any hidden characters are completely removed from the script before pasting into Optuma.

Make sure when you apply the PCSC and the “#% Swings Volume” (as I’ve named it on my system) script to a chart that your set the same percent value (eg 10%) in both the tool and the script, otherwise you’ll be scratching your head again.



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