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Hi Kim & Shannon,

Kim, your Percent Plot on the chart is 5% and your script 10%. Always make sure they are the same 

Here is a minimalist listing of the script, use Notepad to copy/paste and replace the “em dash” with a hyphen “-” (as suggested by Matthew) when using this script:

// Kim’s Weis Wave 20190513




Rng = PSWStart – PSWEnd;

Sig1 = if((TIMESINCESIGNAL(PSWStart) > 0 and Rng > 0) , 1, 0);

Sig2 = IF(TIMESINCESIGNAL(PSWStart) > 0 and Rng < 0, -1, 0) ;

// Plot the Down trend Volume

Plot1 = If(Sig1, ACCSINCESIGNAL(Vol(), Sig1), 0) ;

Plot1.Colour = Red;

Plot1.Plotstyle = Histogram;

Plot1.LineWidth = 5;

Plot1.LineStyle = Solid;

// Plot the Up trend Volume

Plot2 = If(Sig2, ACCSINCESIGNAL(Vol(), Sig2), 0) ;

Plot2.Colour = Green;

Plot2.Plotstyle = Histogram;

Plot2.LineWidth = 5;

Plot2.LineStyle = Solid;

Here a screenshot with both the script and Percent Swing Overlay Plot set for 10%:

20190513 Kims Weis Wave



The Auld Tyma from

Auld Tyma Data Logo with URL 1 cm

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