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Hi David

I just wanted to send a huge shout out to Trevor in this space who I found to be both incredibly generous and also supportive of my endeavours to navigate the realm of Pascal/Optuma programming when I started out. In addition, Trevor is without doubt the most resilient and active contributor/member of the Optuma Developers Forum in my experience.

I am not and have never been a programmer, but if starting from scratch, as I did, you’ll want to have an aptitude for the programming language and its syntax and depending on the individual, potentially a considerable amount of time to invest in honing such skills. It turns out that for me that’s going to have to wait until I retire as I cant currently afford the time .

You might also consider engaging a freelancer to assist with writing code for any complex custom tools you may wish to create however this isn’t necessarily the solution either if they don’t themselves have Optuma. The Optuma programmers will provide a quote to programme a task/tool but remember that their prices need to be commercial. Anything that is beyond the scope of the Optuma scripting language could cost you in the 000’s rather than 00’s as a single end user.

I trust this helps.




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