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Hi Andrew and David,

I going have to shrink my swelled head after that glowing review from Andrew. I have to point out that we both started on our Optuma Pascal adventure together, it was just that, at that time, I had more time available to me than he, time that has now been eroded by my returning to full time employment in Thailand.

The Planetary Layers & Scripts and the Custom Tools (Pascal) on Auld Tyma Data are based on learning from various sources, including great support from the Optuma team, Alan Oliver’s material and workshops, along with much trial and error in Optuma scripting and Pascal programming, and the cannibalising of examples from the Optuma KB.

David, if you have the time, give it a go, it’s the sort of great mental exercise that helps to keep us younggrin Mind you, it could have youScratching Headbananas hairout



The Auld Tyma at

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