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Trevor R
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Hi Peter,

Your script is finds the Bar that is 144 bars from the Pivot= 20 , whereas the Number Searcher finds 2 Pivots (set to Pivot = 20) that are 144 Bars apart.

The following chart shows the Pivot = 20 Labels, the Number Search set for 144 Bars/Pivot 20 and the ShowBars from your script and.

Note: that on the market displayed there are no results from the Number Searcher.

20190708 144 Bar Scan - Number Seacher Ticket #53967

The next screenshot shows the Pivot Labels =11, the Number Searcher Pivot Label Properties > Min Pivot = 11 and your script set for Pivot = 11:

20190708 144 Bar Scan - Number Seacher, Pivot 11 Ticket #53967

Make sure that your Script, the Number Searcher and Pivot Label tools are all set to the same Pivot value.





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