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Thanks Alexander. As written, the rate of change formula will include all those with less than 3% change with no downside, so for example ABC on the ASX would be included because it is currently -25% over the last 5 days.

Instead you can use the WITHINRANGE() function to filter where the latest close is within +3% or -3% of the close 5 days ago:



For the volume condition, the TO() function is the turnover in $, not volume, and because it has been set to weekly data it only counts Monday to Friday, not a rolling week.

Try this instead for more than $1m in trading over the last 5 days using the Accumulation function:

ACC(TO(), RANGE=Look Back Period, BARS=5) > 1000000

Or for 1m in volume:

ACC(VOL(), RANGE=Look Back Period, BARS=5) > 1000000


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