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Chart group linking via the colour diamonds doesn’t work across different page tabs, it does work on undocked pages however. You can have 2 or more pages undocked from the main view but still linked to a singular Watchlist.

For more information on chart undocking please refer to the following article:

I’d also recommend checking out the Analysis Cluster tool, you may find this is a better way of displaying your technical score scripts as it uses less chart real-estate than a show view.

The system requirements we list are for general usage, the more charts you open, with analysis, etc the more you will use your systems resources, every system will have it’s limits, where that limit is will depend on many things, such as how many other programs you have open at the same time, items in your system tray like Antivirus, and the version of Windows you’re running.

With Optuma the program is a 64bit application, so hitting your physical memory limit won’t cause the program to crash, but it will begin using your systems page file for memory over flow, it’s slower but it will keep working.  If you’re using a Desktop system it is usually quite easy to expand the amount of RAM the system has by adding additional memory DIMMS.

The systems we have on our site are not meant to be an exhaustive list of every option, merely a small group of examples you can refer to when looking for PC / Laptops available locally.

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