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Hi Matthew and thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have tried to apply the ATRTSCAN script as above to a Show Plot and it shows nothing – I seem to remember reading somewhere that ATRTSCAN will only work in the Stops section of the Backtester.

Below is the working script I use on my charts for the trailing stop:-

a30 = ATR(BARS=10, MULT=1.00);

a10 = ATR(BARS=10, MULT=5.00);

a1 = if(ROC(BARS=52) > MA(ROC(BARS=52),BARS=8, CALC=Close, STYLE=Exponential), a10, a30);

c1 = HIGH() – a1;

RATCHET(c1, START=2019-02-08)

But, the trailing stop is dependent on the START date, so how do I code the START date to automatically reflect the different dates of entry in the Backtester?

Many thanks




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