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My laptop is an Acer Swift 3 SF314-52-52V8 and so cannot have multiple monitors.

I tried Analysis Cluster which is good for showing binary indicator (value either 0  or 1)  but not quite clear when it is of value say 0 to 100 like RSI.  So I have to keep using Show Views and separate them into 3 charts.  Group them on the same page with the watch list.  Will the feature of “chart grouping among pages” available in the future Optuma version?

Yesterday, when I create the watch list on S&P 500 with my technical score in one column, the score 5 days ago in the other column, their difference in another column, with these charts on the same page.  The laptop hangs again…I only have Optuma but no other applications or antivirus running at the same time.  I really want to know the reason for the issue in order to resolve it.

It’s not easy to expand RAM for laptop.  If the solution is to expand the RAM, how much should I add?  Should I simply buy the top laptop model Dell XPS 13 (9380)?  But it is of the same memory 8GB that I have now.

Kindly advise.

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