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Trevor R
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Hi May,

The Lenovo P53 looks like an interesting machine. The specs show many options, now you’ll have to start choosing which ones you want.

My Lenovo Thinkpad W541, although long superseded, is still going strong and is similar in many respects to the P53. I work with a 24″ external monitor as well as using the laptop screen most of the time I’m at my desk. Makes life much easier when doing multiple things at the same time, like running analysis on Optuma and checking the markets live on my brokers site. It also has the benefit of making the charts much bigger, so 3 on 1 page is workable. Not having the 2nd monitor when on the road is a real squeeze on my modus operandi. At times I even press my aging Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet into service as a 2nd or 3rd screen when wanting that extra display real estate.



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