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Hi Mason,

The easiest way to do this is with a Stochastic function. Essentially what the Stochastic does is look back through a range and take note of the highest and lowest prices. Then it compares the current price and provides us with a percentage value. This is a great way to normalize values for comparison.

If I was doing this on a chart, I would add a Fast Stochastic tool, set the %K to 1000 bars and hide %D (turn off “visible” in “D Plot Style”). Remember that you can save this to your tool bar from the actions menu (running man on a right click). Then you can apply this visually to price or any other indicator.

If you wanted to limit the calculation to the last year, just set %K to 252 (on a daily chart).

To achieve the same thing in scripting just use this script


If I wanted it on another indicator, I would first put that result in a variable

V1 = ADX().ADX;
STOCH(V1, BAR1=1000)

Here you can see where I have this in a watchlist and on a chart.

Hope that helps



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