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I wanted to be able to see the cumulative volume for each swing (as in the Gann Swing Overlay) on a chart. I found a script in this thread (#49999) which looked something like what I needed. After looking at Optuma’s scripting videos I managed to create it as a new tool, however when I  apply it to a chart it shows the output over the chart area see below) – not beneath the chart (as would be the case with say the way the Volume tool displays . The second issue is that the forum thread talks about a 2 bar swing and I’m just looking for the cumulative volume of each swing – ie not sure what effect the 2 bar condition would have. My first foray into scripting other than for some basic scanning so any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found that if I added Volume to a chart and then ran my new script tool it does display as per the thread example. However, I’d still appreciate an explanation of what impact the 2 bar criteria in the thread example has (I’m assuming it means there needs to be a swing of 2 bars?) – and how would I amend the script to achieve what I want?

Swing volume

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