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Hi Robert,

I see you have 3 questions:

1   Placement of the script on the chart:

To place the script on the chart under the bar/candlestick use the SHOWVIEW. Select the SHOWVIEW tool and apply it to the chart, then go to the SHOWVIEW properties and select the script to be displayed.

2  Changing the script for 1 Day Gann Swing:

Change the SWINGCOUNT =1 in the GANNSWING line of the script.

3   Using the script for 1 Bar Gann Swings:

My post #50055 on 2 Dec 2018 5:36 PM in this thread describes a couple of anomalies when using the 1 Bar Gann Swing. To date I haven’t come up with a way of avoiding those anomalies when using the Gann Swing function.



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