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Hi Robert,

Firstly, I’m assuming you’ve named your script “SwingVolume”, so from your chart of CCL you appear to have applied the SHOWVIEW to the Volume view (“Volume & SwingVolume”).  Doing this will undoubtedly produce erroneous results.

When selecting a SHOWVIEW, select a blank area on the candlestick chart, right click, select the “spanner” and type SHOWVIEW and either click Enter, or select SHOWVIEW with the cursor and click – this will open a SHOWVIEW view panel below the chart panel. The initiation of the SHOWVIEW MUST be on the candlestick (or bar) chart. Then go to the SHOWVIEW Properties and select the script to be displayed.

Secondly, those anomalies that you’ve identified are exactly what I was alluding to in my posts  #50055 on 2 Dec 2018 5:36 PM and #56637 yesterday. The issue arises from the algorithm used to identify the Gann Swing which must be confirmed before it can identify the swing tops and bottoms. That plays havoc with trying to use it for aggregating the volume between the swing tops and bottoms as you are trying to do here. I’ve given up on try to find a fix as it is not a high priority for me. Maybe someone else can come up with a solution.



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