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Hi Mathew,

thanks for updating all correlation and regression calculations using the option to make the calculations with the LN function (natural logarithm) e.g. LN(Close/Close[1]) instead of simple price %-change calculation e.g. (Close/Close[1])*100.

The LN calculation, also called Log Return, is the preferred  return calculation in finance. The simple price %-change calculation is called Simple or Normal Return.

As far as I am able to verify the numbers of the many charts/calculations you have made all seems to be correct.

Bringing the correlation and regression calculations all in line using the option to make the calculations with the LN function removes all the confusion which so far have existed.

For those interested in this topic the new updated calculations also removes all the confusion discussed in the forum post “Regression R-Squared” (

Thanks again Mathew for your great work.


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