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Hi Fabien,

I don’t actually use data directly from the CBOE, so while I will explain how I get the data, it may not actually help you.

The data I use is exported out of Stockcharts, where I have a subscription.  [Huge shout out here to Arthur @arthurhill who’s also present around here occasionally – I’m a big fan, Arthur, but I digress..].  In any case, Stockcharts allows raw data export for some data series, and you just have to manipulate the data a bit in excel, save to CSV, and import into Optuma as “Local Data”.  Data > Import Local Data

With any data I source from stockcharts (or elsewhere), I always check it is identical to the source.



Once your CSV is linked to Optuma, it will update automatically (if not renamed or moved from the location on your HDD).

In my case, once I go thru the initial motions of acquiring and converting the bulk history data export (from Stockcharts) into the format Optuma requires, I then update periodically/daily by editing the CSV file in Wordpad (or similar).  Note: Re-opening the CSV file in Excel will almost surely screw with the date formats of the file = won’t work in Optuma.  I have also tested other spreadsheeting programs, and they all seem to want to play rough with your date formats – so add new data to your CSV file via a text editor, and save as CSV.

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