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Hi Darren,

a nice trick. I did not believe that it is possible.

Adding the YEARNUM() function and you can shade any single period in the past.

But interestingly the “shaded bars” have a fixed width. To cover/shade a periods of a few months you have to add a few Show View scripts to shade the whole period of a few months.

On the other hand if you want shade a period that is smaller than the fixed width of the “shaded bar” this would not be possible.

Is there a way to change the “shaded bars” fixed width. Unfortunately the function “Line Width” has no effect.

Last but not least would it be possible to add in v1.7 a new tool that can shade a user specified time period by entering the beginning and ending period and the time between the two dates would be shaded?

The new tool should be able to shade a specific time period as well as should be able to repeat the same time period each year to have the seasonality shading as Jeff has described and you have shown in your chart.

Thanks a lot Darren,

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