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Hi Francesco,

I’ve not done it, but the approach I’d take is to create a CSV file with five columns, the first with the date, then in each row the P/L figure for that day in the four columns for that date’s row, so the data set in csv format would look like:

21-09-2020, 1051,1051,1051,1051
24-9-2020, 820,820,820,820
25-9-2020, 83,835,835,835

Bad day on the 23rd☹

If you import that data into Optuma it can be charted as a line chart (or candles or bars, but then they’ll end up as an “unconnected” stepped line).

The columns are essentially in the form Date, Open, High, Low, Close which is acceptable to Optuma, so then you can apply any of Optuma’s tools to the resulting chart.



Thanks, Trevor!

It makes perfect sense…


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