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Hi Darren,

Thank you for the information!  I’m still getting a bit stuck however.  My intention is to obtain a signal on the adx:dm+ at the moving average crossovers below:

50ema = 50ema of the adx:dm+ (thick dashes)
20of 50 = 20ema of the 50ema of the adx:dm+ (thin dashes)

I’m able to obtain the correct information in the watchlist but not able to get the signals thru showbar.  here is what i have:

//  signal when the 50ema of ADX:DM+ crosses above the 20ema of 50ema of ADX:DM+

V1 = ADX().DMPlus;
EMA50 = MA(V1, BARS=50, STYLE=Exponential, CALC=Close);
20of50 = MA(EMA50, BARS=20, STYLE=Exponential, CALC=Close);

EMA50 crossesabove 20of50

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