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Hi again,

If it’s possible to get my request above into the “new” back tester, it’d be great to be able to see a report/graph that showed a running (day by day or week by week) total of open trades too.

I use CFDs to trade, so need to careful with margin calls. Often a trade will dip a substantial percentage before it comes back, but the back tester only shows entry and exit points. If I could see a running total of the open trade positions, that would be very helpful in terms of risk management.

I should add that I use spreadsheets to get data that isn’t in the back tester results, but, unless I’m missing something, it’s virtually impossible to get that information without copy/pasting all chart data, which is impractical. If there was a way to access that sort of information I’d be happy to do that instead of you doing the change. Is there an Optuma equivalent of the spreadsheet function XLOOKUP?



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