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Hi Stephen,

MFI(Bars=2) will just give the value based on the price chart. MFI(Bars=2) IsUp will give a true condition if the value is higher than the previous bar.

As per the KnowledgeBase article this is how the MFI is calculated, so RSI values aren’t used:

1. For each bar, average the High, Low, and Close.

2. The MF value is equal to the Average x Volume.

3. If the value in step 1 is higher than the previous, it is considered to be a positive money value, otherwise negative. The positive money flow is then the sum of all the positive money values over the number of bars.

4. The money ratio is then + MF divided by -MF.

5. The Index is then 100 – (100 / (1 + Money Ratio)).

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