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Hi Jeff,

Re 1. Each of those levels are available using the ” dot notation” whenever a function has multiple outputs, enter a “.” and you will see the options available.
In this case I also want to use a variable as it is more efficient.

So this would be the code to signal when the Black Ratio line enters into the red zone.

Re 2 and 3. Remember that we have a separate group for Astro scripts. In this case your questions are more general so I’ll answer them here.

Re 2: When you have a true false condition, that is stored as 1 for true and 0 for false. So something you can do when you want to signal on the first bar is use the ChangeTo operator to find when the result ChangeTo 1
eg If you were looking at Higher Bars —something which could be true multiple times in a row — and you wanted to capture only the first higher bar.

Re 3: You would use offsets. In this case you have a Higher bar and you want the last bar to be higher and this bar to have a low which is lower than the previous bar. We use square brackets to offset the data.

Hope that helps


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