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Hi Mathew,

Simply what I am trying to do is create a column that will show the percentage a stock is up or down in extended hours in relation to its daily close ( will display that “XYZ stock is up 5% in post/pre market”).

When the time frame of the watchlist is set to “1 day”,  CLOSE() or LAST() populates the close of day price and but then there does not seem to be a way to retrieve the after hours price using those variables with the watchlist in “1 day” mode.  Now, if the watchlist is set to an intraday timeframe ( “60 minutes” for example), when I use CLOSE() or LAST() in a script, it will retrieve the extended hours pricing, but then in the intraday set watch list,  I can’t seem to then retrieve the day’s close price using those variables, even if they are specified for daily timeframe,  ex:   a1 = CLOSE(Day(PERIODAMOUNT=1));


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