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Hi Mathew,

Thanks for you intro to Paperspace, I checked it out, and must admit the only thing I hate about using Virtual machines, you are dependant on internet speed, and having an internet connection. As we predominately do our research outside of market hours etc, just being able to take the laptop no mater where you go and do your backtesting / analysis etc is what I currently love about Optuma, being a local run version, you are utilising the raw speed of the computer and not relying on virtual servers that can really slow down with too much traffic or too many users on the same machine, so I really hope you keep supporting local versions, and do the cloud based as subscription method or whatever you guys come up with.

That being said, once you guys get over to Graphics library from OpenGL, do you foresee doing the push for native Mac version down the line, or would a cloud based version be of higher priority? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I have found Optuma to be essential to really allow you to do deep analysis before entering a position, so truly grateful for what it brings, and while I only scratch the surface on it’s capabilities, have built a few scripts that are just awesome. I know in a seperate post ‘ABILITY TO CREATE FOLDERS FOR LAYERS’ is a hot topic on our Facebook page currently too, and fully agree some update interface user friendly changes would only improve the experience.

Once I get some better number on who would like the Native Mac feature, I provide more feedback, cheers Scott

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