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Hi Scott

I still see this as the point of difference with Optuma. Any web-based solution will be to compliment what we have now, not replace it. An ideal scenario is that you have a web portal which allows you to monitor your work on phone, tablet, web, but not necessarily do all the work. Together with Portfolio Management/tracking, that becomes one of the first things we want to achieve as resources permit.

The other place I see web complimenting is having the server do all the heavy lifting of scanning and then delivering the results to your PC. Similar with the testing engine. eg you design a test and then submit it to the server which is able to test multiple variations (ie optimization) across multiple exchanges /asset classes and you get a report back showing you in which markets (and phases of markets) that idea works best in. For this to be possible, we have to rewrite our scanning and testing so it can run on the PC or Server. That is my main task for the first half of this year.

There are a couple of things moving in parallel:
1. We will work towards a cloud-based replication of all we can do in Optuma now. But this is a 4-5 year plan as resources allow. This project is always getting pushed to the background and by the middle of this year, we will start having serious conversations about raising debt/equity to get it moving consistently. There needs to be more innovation which allows for better/faster mouse to indicator updates. We’ve looked a 3rd party charting solutions but feel that we are going to have to build our own.

2. MAC is important, and we see that it would be amazing to have a native version. That all depends on the tools we have supporting it fully and the amount of work we have to do. My main driver is going to be securing the future of Optuma. I have to be very careful that I am not investing in a project which will not give us sufficient ROI to fund the next projects. So the brutal facts here are there there is no native MAC competitor for us, there are solutions which allow Optuma to be run on MAC, so I can not say that doing the work will give us extra revenue which pays for that work. Now as I said, if it comes to spending a couple of days fixing a few things and the compiler supports it, then we are all set, but if we need to dedicate more than a few weeks to it, I would be irresponsible to approve that project.

The M1 is interesting and we are watching the space carefully. It may be that we see a reason to put higher priority to a native MAC version, but only when the business case makes sense.

All the best


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