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Hi Mathew,

Fully agree with James post above about Folders, etc

For Layers in Optuma, I often get lost which Layer I’m on etc, then once I release I drag each item and put to the correct layer. I have since found locking all layers other than the one you want to use is great, but sometimes in the haste of backtesting, you miss to do this.

I cool feature would be anytime you start applying tools, or use the Training Mode and without making a Layer as the Main or current Layer, it would automatically generate a new Layer / Folder with current Date, or if that Date’s layer is present, items default to this layer.

The Layer should be formatted YYMMDD Name ie 210212 XYZ (Double clicking on the name would only allow you to change the NAME not the DATE), it would stay sorted by date order, descending or ascending, you can choose your preference. This would be a super efficient way, you can quickly jump back into an old chart and see what and when analysis you had done. Having it sorted in date order, helps to keep the flow. Fine if you only have one or two, but if you had 10+ layers can get messy. If there was a sub Layer / Folder, the date can be removed, so only the Main Layers / Folders were dated.

Incorporating something like this, with what James mentioned above about Folders, with Layers inside folders, etc, would be brilliant.

Cheers Scott

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