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Hi Matthew,

thanks for your efforts and I will give your approach a try.

Ideally what I want is a tool or a set of tools to make time cycle analyses as the Foundation for the Study of Cycles is doing with their app “Cycle Analyzer”.

Here are same links:

I know how to do some of this analysis in Excel but if in any way possible it would be great to have more time cycle analysis tools available in Optuma.

Perhaps you can create a new “Cycle Analysis” module like the “Hurst Tool” module.

I understand of course this in not an issue of a few weeks but perhaps you can think about it. Perhaps you can also contact the Foundation for the Study of Cycles for assistance about how to make the “Cycle Analyzer” tools available in Optuma.

The Foundation for the Study of Cycles is back and I think they will change the way we make time analyses. It would therefore be great when Optuma is there right from the start.

I understand of course also that this new “Cycle Analysis” module in Optuma would take some time to develop and will not be for free.


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