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Hi Darren,

thank you very much for answering my question over the Easter weekend.

My question was not so important, so answering it after the Easter weekend would have been fully sufficient.

But this is again an example of Optuma’s excellent customer support. Once again, many thanks.

Back to my question:
Is there an option to write a script for an Optuma List e.g. the list “S&P 500 Info Tech Index” to sum up the individual MktCap values to get the sum of the MktCap for the whole Optuma List/sector e.g. the “S&P 500 Info Tech Index”?

The “S&P 500 Info Tech Index” Optuma List is as far as I am informed the same as the GICS Level 1 sector “SP500-45”.

The MktCap value for each individual stock is in the fundamental data field “Market Capitalization” available.

It would be really helpful when in the script the Optuma List name could be used so it would not be necessary to list all individual stocks in the sector in the script.

Only mention the Optuma List name in the script and then sum up all individual MktCap values. That would be great.

If this is not possible at the moment it would be great to have such a function/script available in the summer update.

Thanks Darren, and I have time for this question.


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