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Should this be written as one large script first, then added into the scan manager?
I am not sure what you mean. The script provided is a single script (just with multiple rules), it can be copied and used in the scanning manager as a whole.

Could you please clarify the COV function.
COV is not a function, it is the name of the variable (like V1, V2, etc) i setup for the difference between the Close and Open of a bar.  So C = 2 and O = 1.5 the COV value would be 0.5

Rule 3 is yesterday’s close minus yesterday’s open is less than today’s close minus today’s open.
Should the rule not therefore be “V3 = COV[1]<COV?
Yes swap > to < if it needs to be less than.

Rule 4 is yesterday’s close divided by the previous day’s close is equal to or less than 1.02.
Should the rule not therefore be “V4 = (CLOSE(1) / CLOSE (2)) <= 1.02?
Yes, if it is the previous bars close being compared to the bar before it your adjustment is right.

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