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You are kidding aren’t you, Trevor.
You want to charge $30 for forum advice that costs nothing if he reads my instructions above. That is not really in keeping with the spirit of these forums, is it?
I also doubt that commercial advertising, particularly opportunistic misguidance such as this, will be well regarded by Optuma and its community of users.
I don’t like to make this kind of post, but I could not let him get sucked in, especially when you brazenly proposed to charge him in the post immediately following the post that gave the information for free.
Why buy the same tool from you, when the instructions produce the identical result?
Reconsider, Trevor.

PS. I have attached a Tool Group file to this reply which contains several moving average tools including the Alligator. Download the file, then, in Optuma, right click on the toolbar area and select Import Tools.

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