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I don’t think it can be done the way you want at least with my skill level is because  –   When looking at higher time frames on a daily chart the higher time frame won’t actually be triggered until the end of the period, ie Friday on a weekly chart.

I have attached a picture of the same period as your workbook, the red overlay line is the weekly swing, you will see the green arrow that i have the information box attached to is Thursday 1 April, which is the last trading day for the week, so even though the previous bar actually triggered the weekly swing to turn up on a price basis the week was not completed till the following day.  You will see that the other green arrows also correspond with the last trading day of the week.  The formula was simply  gannswing(week())turnsup  This is because optuma does not use bar by bar option on swings, so even on a daily chart it does not see the weekly anything until the last day of the week.

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