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There’s no way to do that with the Breadth Data tool, but you could achieve the result with some creative scripting using a mix of ISTICKER() and IF() functions to display a specific breadth code based on the chart selected via a Show View tool.

Here’s an example using 3 different codes setup from your workbook (but using my own breadth code references as I don’t have yours). I’ve included comments for each section of the script to show what its function is…

In the above example, if I select the code SP500-10 to display on the chart, BreadthCode5 is displayed. If I select SP500-15 Breadth code 2 is displayed and if I select SP500-20 Breadth Code 4 is displayed.

The 65SMA will calculate off the breadth code currently in view and will update as well.


You’d just need to update the script with all of the codes you’ve added in the Watchlist, and their corresponding Breadth codes for it to work. It will become quite complex the more codes you add to it, but it will achieve the result you’re after.

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