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Hi Mathew,

I understand you guys designed the software to work with workbooks/watchlists. However if you don’t have the latest computer, you can’t work with watchlists.
I have 20 columns of data in my standard watchlist. If I open 2-3 lists of 60+ stocks, the software is likely going to crash. I’d say it was crashing 5 times a day on average until I became more selective with my scans to reduce the number of stocks to review (not a bad thing after all). I use a MBP from 2017.

So I don’t have a choice I need to use lists or change computer. (BTW, I have a Mac M1 but last time I tried Optuma v2 on it, I could not make use of the trend line tool which is pretty essential. So I am still using the MBP).

Overwriting a list is common in many softwares. Not being able to do it is a real hassle (name new lists, delete old ones, export then import csv…). Allowing overwriting would be so much simpler and even when the list is used in a workbook.

Thanks and best regards


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