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Thanks – it looks like you are using the percent change datafields from our Fundamental data – these will be a rolling monthly change and depending when you open the watchlist the database may not have been updated (the process that does the calculations and updates our servers are run overnight, so there will be a delay).

As such the values are a day behind, so in the example of FMG the 22.11% change is from the close on October 29th to the close on November 30th, as confirmed by the Time Price Measure tool between those dates:


These datafields were designed to be used in large watchlists (500+ symbols) to save system resources (see this article), but seeing as this is a small list use the CHANGE function set to the timeframe required, eg CHANGE(INT_TYPE=Month) instead (note that your formula calculates from the current month open and not the previous month’s close).

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